Editorial Standards

Editorial Standards

It is the goal and intent of Olivia Kimbrell Press, Inc. to do the following:

  • Minister to the lost in the world and help lead them to a personal relationship with Christ.
  • Minister to the saved and help them grow closer to God and/or encourage their walk with our Creator.

Any writer under the Olivia Kimbrell Press colophon must be a Christian; which is to say that the writer must actively believe that Christ Jesus (Yeshua) is the Son of God, was born of the virgin, Mary, lived a sinless perfect life, performed miracles in the course of his earthly ministry, suffered under Pilate, died on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins, was raised again on the third day, and reigns in Heaven at the right hand of His Father, Jehovah (YHWH) God. Anything else beyond this belief is simply doctrine, and Olivia Kimbrell Press does not require authors to follow a specific doctrine.

Any book we produce must be well written. Stories will be packed with active verbs, rely on neither cliches nor weak descriptors to make critical points, contain neither run-on sentences nor fragments, and generally conform to proper English grammar in every possible way.

If possible, quoted scripture in the manuscript should be taken from either the King James Version or the New King James Version of the Holy Bible. This is a simple matter of copyright and does not speak to the publisher’s version preference. Please ensure the accuracy of the quoted scripture. Misquoted or misused scripture (taken out of context) will not go unchallenged.

All work must be well researched and, to the best of the author’s knowledge, based in truth and reality and not based on popularly accepted indoctrination, popularly accepted secular propaganda, popular myth, or personal bias. Fallacious plot points or statements or logically inconsistent events or descriptions within the work will be challenged and very likely rejected.

FICTION Standards

All fictional books published by Olivia Kimbrell Press must have some form of a Christian faith arc. We know that every book is different, and we have no desire to limit the author’s creativity or guidance from the Holy Spirit. The arc does not necessarily have to be the center of the story; however, it must be present in the manuscript.

The actions and reactions of every character must be character-driven and believable and not plot-driven or unbelievable. The actions and words of every character must be in all ways explicable and realistic.

Olivia Kimbrell Press will accept manuscripts for publication depicting the following content:

  • Praising the name of the Lord and all His wonders and works. Use of the Holy Name of God or Christ or the Holy Spirit when describing prayers or invocations and the like is perfectly acceptable.
  • Mild/sanitized terms expressing anger or frustration are acceptable. (e.g., Darn! Heck!)
  • The use of proper nouns describing damnation or the place of eternal torment known as hell is acceptable.
  • Mild sexuality (kissing, holding hands, genuine attraction) or “closed-door” sex scenes are acceptable, provided they are vital to advancing the story line.
  • Sexual abuse, molestation, or sexual deviancy can be referenced “off-stage” if it is essential to the plot or characterization and not glorified or gratuitous.
  • Nightmares or flashbacks to traumatizing life events can be depicted if the depiction is tasteful and essential to the plot.
  • Violent acts that are not gratuitous and directly advance the plot are acceptable.

Olivia Kimbrell Press will not publish manuscripts with the following content:

  • Profanity (taking the Lord’s name in vain) in any form will not be accepted. This includes attempted sanitized references such as J–z, OM-, etc.
  • Explicit curse words spelled out either in the narrative or dialogue are generally not accepted. There are very, very few exceptions to this rule. Consult your editor with any specific questions.
  • Explicit sexuality or “open-door” sex scenes are not accepted.
  • Any “on stage” depiction of deviant sexuality will be challenged and must be shown to depict reality and/or be entirely essential to the plot.
  • Gratuitous violence that does not directly advance the plot will not be accepted.
  • Anything that glorifies sin is not acceptable. When sinful behavior is rewarded or does not find eventual or immediate consequences, this will be considered “glorifying” sin. The Holy Bible will be the standard to determine what is to be considered a sin.

Olivia Kimbrell Press encourages our authors to write with ministering to readers in mind and asks every author to attempt a “Readers Guide” with suitable questions designed to encourage the reader or a small group to reflect upon the spiritual themes found in the book. This is by no means a requirement but strongly encouraged.

See our Submission Guidelines.


There is considerable latitude for creatively presenting nonfiction work written from a Christian worldview to this fallen world. Nonfictional work published by this press can include anything from parody cookbooks under the House of Bread imprint to targeted tracks and texts with a specific audience in mind.

Provided that your work’s mission is consistent with our mission, there is a lot of room to negotiate. Consult your editor about the goal and intent of your nonfiction work.

See our Submission Guidelines.