Submission Guidelines

Olivia Kimbrell Press requires the full manuscript to be written, proof-read, and at least self-edited (spell check and grammar check) before submission. If you have an idea or a partial manuscript, please finish it, revise it, and polish it before contacting us regarding publication.

There are many resources and professional organizations available to help aspiring authors get a full manuscript ready for submission.

The format of the manuscript itself is not critical however, a serif font with a .25 inch indent and 1.5 spaced is a good guideline. Your submission will not be shared or forwarded with any other organization.

Once your manuscript has been prepared and is the best you can make it, submit the full manuscript (either in pdf, doc, RTF, or lwp form), a synopsis (for fiction) or outline (for nonfiction), and a letter of inquiry that includes the faith arc of the story and how you feel your book will help impact the Kingdom of God to Put the word “SUBMISSION” in the subject line.